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Now comes the time that occurs in the lives of many fandom members: the bittersweet goodbye. It is a sad occasion, often filled with regrets. I don't think this is a hiatus. I may come back one day, but it isn't a day that will come soon. I really developed a great support system within the fandom and I'm sad to be leaving it. of_bad_faith has been almost an alterego for me, like Superman to Clark Kent. Perhaps not so fantastic, but it has certainly allowed me my own escape. It feels almost wrong to be abandoning this journal now. It is, however, time.

If you'd like to keep in touch with me, I'll be making a friends-only post with the addresses of my new online journals and my RL screenname.

It's time for me to pass this torch on though. I spent over a year here making friends and even enemies. I can't even remember some of the stupid things I got pissed over now. I had some great fandom friends. starrysummer, malfoypatriarch, edgefire... I doubt anyone will still be reading this, but I love you all. Everyone I ever friended, I love you. Just having you on the flist allowed me to know you cared in some small part. I know you'll probably have defriended this inactive thing by now, but if you do read this thanks.

Thanks for being a major part of my life. Thanks for allowing me to gain the confidence I needed to go on with my life. Thanks for being there when I was being angsty and emo and not calling me on it. Thanks for reading my garbage and enjoying it. Thanks for writing things I enjoyed. I wonder if you still write.

I'll always be grateful to fandom for giving me the chance to prove myself. I really feel like I'm a better person as a result of this. I'm also much more comfortable with "alternative" things. I'm a more accepting and tolerant person than I would be had I not discovered fandom. Although VH1 has helped. ;)

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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